The Bible Society of Nigeria is a not-for-profit-making, non-governmental interdenominational Christian Organization that exists to meet the Scriptural needs of every Nigerian in general, Christian Churches and Confessions in particular and to help people interact with the Word of God.

Our Major Activities include:

Translation of the Bible into Nigerian Languages Currently we have the complete Bible in 24 languages while translation or revision is going on in 18 languages. It takes a minimum of twelve (12) years to complete a language translation project and over fourty million Naira (N40,000,000) is needed during this period.

Production and Distribution The Bibles are subsidized through the support of donors which enables us to distribute at very affordable prices and also to give out free to people in difficult circumstances and those who cannot afford it. More support is needed to make more Bibles available.

We raise fund for our programmes i.e. projects designed for the under privileged and vulnerable people.  Some of our projects include:

You Can Be Their Eyes
This is a project targeted at providing Braille Bibles for People with Visual Disability (PVD). Fund is needed to give out Braille Bibles to those who have been identified to be in dire need of it.

You Can Make God Speak a Language This is a project tied to our translation work. There are over 500 languages in Nigeria and we have only been able to translate the Bible into 24 languages. You may have a Bible in your language but there are still many who are dreaming of having theirs. You can actually make God speak to such people in their language through your donation.

Stemming the tide of HIV/AIDS Through the donation of our Supporters, we have published books which are to be distributed free of charge to vulnerable people. We need to translate and even publish more books and organize interactive sessions with these vulnerable groups and even with those living with HIV/AIDS on how to live positively.

Conduct not Condom

Deaf Bible Dedication

Nigerian Sign Language Bible The Deaf also need to hear the Word of God. In partnership with Deaf Opportunity Out Reach (DOOR) International we have dedicated the first Nigerian Sign Language Bible which contains 32 stories of the Bible and we have 71 stories to go. Funds are needed to make the DVDs available to over 100,000 deaf people, organize literacy programme in Nigerian Sign Language for them and also complete the translation work on the remaining stories of the Bible. Other projects are Prison Outreach Project, Sacrificing the Family Lunch, etc. Watch Video

We help People interact with the Word of God by organizing National Bible Recitation, Bible quiz competitions, Bible Reading Marathon, NYSC Essay Writing Competition, etc. The programmes are aimed at helping people, especially youths to cultivate the habit of studying the Bible and also encouraging them to exhibit what they know about the Bible in intellectual contests, so that they can serve as role models to other youths.

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For acknowledgement, please inform us of your donation via SMS to 08159094102, 08159094111, or send an e-mail to