Bible Society dedicates Kalabari, Okrika Bibles

All is now set for The Bible Society of Nigeria to dedicate Kalabari and Okrika Bibles in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, South-South Nigeria on 22nd and 24th March 2018 respectively.

The speakers of the two languages, who have waited for over 40 years each, are enthusiastically waiting to behold the Bibles in their languages. This will bring to 26 the total number of complete Bibles in Nigerian Languages.

The Kalabari Bible Translation Project started in 1970 with the setting up of Kalabari Bible Translation Committee, but was soon suspended during the Nigerian Civil War. It suffered another setback in 1977 when the Translator resigned his appointment and went away with both the manuscript of the translated books and the typewriter over non-payment of his allowance until The Bible Society of Nigeria intervened. The work continued until 2003 when the New Testament and Psalms were completed and dedicated while the complete Bible became ready 15 years after.

Three people – Bishop Yibo Fubara; Elder Catechist George Young Harry and Pastor Dawari Braide – translated the Bible while it was reviewed by a total of 18 people. The project was supervised by five Translation Consultants and two people served as Chairmen of the Translation Committee at one point or the other among other people who made the work possible.

In a similar development, the journey to make the Bible available in the Okrika Language started in 1971 with the inauguration of Okrika Bible Translation Project Council. With concerted efforts, the New Testament in Okrika was completed and dedicated in 2005 after 34 years. The complete Bible in Okrika is now available for dedication after 47 years.

Interestingly, a total of 35 people translated the Bible at one time or another but unfortunately, only six of them are alive to see the dedication of the Bible. The Reviewers for the translation project were eight while three Translation Consultants supervised the project.

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