Elder Dr. Akanu Ibiam


The Bible Society of Nigeria was founded on 8th February, 1966 through the pioneering efforts of the late Dr. Francis Ezeogo Akanu Ibiam, the first indigenous Governor of the defunct Eastern Region. Earlier in February, 1965, Dr. Ibiam had initiated a consultation with representatives of most of the Churches [Church organizations] in Nigeria on the need to form a national Bible Society in Nigeria. It was the unanimous decision of that meeting that The Bible Society of Nigeria be formed which consequently led to its formation and inauguration on February 8, 1966.

Before 1966, The Society was under the supervision of the British and Foreign Bible Society [BFBS] which had operated in Nigeria as far back as 1807. Then the Bible House, Apapa was serving as a distribution centre to other neighbouring West African countries.


Ross J. Manning, who was the representative of the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) in West Africa during the independent era, became the first General Secretary of The Bible Society of Nigeria. The significant role Manning played towards the formation of BSN was his ability to ensure the unification of the East and West Blocks.

Today, we have 39 Areas across the country and six Bible depots pan Nigeria. We distribute over one million copies of the Bible yearly. So far we have the complete Bible in 24 Nigerian Languages, the New Testament in 60 local Languages and one book or another in 98 Languages. It costs a minimum of N40 million to finish a Bible translation project. At the moment, Bible translation is going on in 16 different Nigerian Languages. The languages include: Tiv, Efik, Hausa Ajami, Isoko, Igala, Epie, Kalabari, Ogbia, Okrika and Urhobo.

Expatriate General Secretaries

Rev William J. Wood
Mr. Ross J. Manning
Rev Leslie James Taylor


Dr. Dare Ajiboye [8th]
2013 to Date

Rev. Dr. Fred B. Odutola [7th]
2000 - 2013

Rev. Gaius Musa [6th]
1996 - 2000

Mr. E. O. Adebakin [5th]
1993 - 1995

Rev. Daniel Bitrus [4th]
1991 - 1992

Rev. Oladipo A Rogers [3rd]
1978 - 1991

Col. Andrew P. Sawa [2nd]
April - December 1978

The Most Rev Dr. Joseph Soremekun [1st]
1971 - 1977


Dr. Aaron Nuhu [8th]
2011 to Date

Overseer Dr. Solomon O. Abe [7th]
2003 - 2011

Overseer David O. Bolade[6th]
1996 - 2003

Rev Dr. Moses M. Itiveh [5th]
1991 - 1995

Very Rev. Moses O. Oyinlade [4th]
1986 - 1990

Chief R.M. Aitalegbe [3rd]
1978 - 1985

Ven. Arch. S.A. Banjo [2nd]
1976 - 1977

Ezeogo Elder Dr. Akanu Ibiam [1st]
1966 - 1973

The Patron of BSN:

Gen. Dr. Yakubu Gowon, GCFR


Most Rev Felix Alaba Job
Justice James O. Ogebe
Overseer Dr. Solomon O. Abe
Archbishop Maxwell S. C. Anikwenwa
Mr. Jon B. Majiyagbe [SAN]
Elder Andrew T. Njayo [JP]
Major Gen. Godwin Abbe, [CFR]